What is Adult Like the Rest?

Like the tagline says it’s a blog about “trying to help fill out the pages of the missing manual on being an adult”.

There are a lot of topics not covered in school (or not covered enough) that are important to living life as an independent adult. Practical topics like how to cook, how to make a budget and stick to it, how to get and compare terms of a loan, as well as less practical but equally important topics like thinking critically about advice you receive and why you should ask a lot of questions.

This aims to be a resource to help others understand these topics through experiences and research compiled by me.

You may be asking…

Who Am I?

Anthony photo

anthony (ann-thuh-nee):
Canadian adult lacking any professional credentials that would qualify him to give advice - writing about stuff he’s learned and hoping it’s helpful to others.

I am not:

I am:

All that to say: the posts on this blog are written from my experiences – the hope is that they’re are informational and not prescriptive. I do what I can to provide useful information supported by external resources but any advice I give on this blog should be verified by you, the reader.

I’m just a guy who’s figured out a few things about being an adult and would like to share those with you in the hope that it helps you figure out this thing called adulthood.